A 3D Printed Loco (body) with Tender
The O27 3 Rail Mechanism is a K-Line Power Truck


[loco1.stl, cab]
[loco2.stl, boilerl]
[loco3.stl, cowcatcher & smokestackl]
[tender gcode]

     My g-code was created in Cura for the Ender 3 in PLA. If you slice your own files, you'll need to scale the loco STL files as follows for O27:

X = 190%

Y = 210%

Z = 180%

The rear bracket and front cleat are already in scale as STLs for mounting the O27 power truck, but because of variation between printer, some adjustments may be necessary. I make no guarantees as to how these files will work.

The loco's chassis
Wheels for tender
Electric Pick-Up, excess contacts can be snipped off

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